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Tickets for this event (£10 in-house, £5 livestream) are available from Performance Venues Sheffield. You can purchase tickets here: 


Staged live and broadcast from the candlelit Drama Strudio Theatre, Sheffield, S10 2TD

In 1524, Gian Giorgio Trissino published I Ritratti: a collection of word portraits of women he considered to be paragons of intellect and virtue, but which focused above all on their physical beauty.

Adopting Trissino's title but shedding his qualifiers, Musica Antica Rotherhithe present portraits of three 17th Century female Italian composers - Isabella Leonarda, Antonia Bembo and Barbara Strozzi - through their music, alongside extracts from the operas of Strozzi and Bembo’s teacher, Francesco Cavalli.

This concert has been generously supported by the Continuo Foundation.

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Francesco Cavalli: Mia speranza from Elena

Antonia Bembo: Sonetto al Rè: Gran Re che tutto a tutti

Isabella Leonarda: Sonata Quinta

Barbara Strozzi: L'Eraclito Amoroso

Isabella Leonarda: Sonata Terza
Francesco Cavalli: Ecco idolo
mio from Elena

Antonia Bembo: Volgete altrove il guardo

Barbara Strozzi: Lagrime mie

Isabella Leonarda: Sonata Duodecima

Barbara Strozzi: Il Lamento: Sul Rodano severo

Antonia Bembo: Ah, quel'absence

Francesco Cavalli: D'amor non si Quereli from Ormindo 

Musica Antica

Camilla Seale mezzo soprano

Tristram Cooke countertenor

Flora Fontanelli violin

Maxim del Mar violin

Harry Buckoke viola da gamba

Oliver Doyle harpsichord

Jonatan Bougt theorbo

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