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Musica Antica

Les Voix Humaines

Saturday 17th April 2021, 8pm - 9pm

Streamed live from the stage of Sands Films

Musica Antica Rotherhithe present a century of French and Spanish song, interspersed with music for the viola da gamba by three of its masters: Jean de Saint-Colombe, Marin Marais, and Antoine Forqueray.

As ever, tickets to watch the performance are free, but please consider donating any amount towards the work of the musicians and Sands Films Studios.


Jessica Eucker soprano
Camilla Seale mezzo-soprano

Harry Buckoke viola da gamba
Esha Neogy viola da gamba

Peter Martin theorbo

Oliver Doyle harpsichord

'Handsomely recommended'
Roderic Dunnett - The Church Times


'Courage well-rewarded'
Robert Hugill - Planet Hugill


'Long may Musica Antica continue to

unearth these rare treasures and

perform them with style and beauty.'
Owen Davies - Plays to See

Charles Tessier (1550 - after 1610):
Me voila hors du naufrage
Étienne Moulinié (1599 – 1676):
L’auzel que sul bouyssou
Jean de Sainte-Colombe (c. 1640 – 1700):
Courante & Sarabande (Suite in D minor) 
Henri de Bailly (? – 1637):
Yo soy la locura
El Baxel est en la playa 
Marin Marais (1656 – 1728):
Les Voix Humaines | Chaconne (Livre V)
Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632 - 1687):
Di rigori armato il seno from Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme
Michel Lambert (1610 – 1696):
Sans Murmurer
Marc-Antoine Charpentier
(1643 - 1704): 
Sans frayeur dans ce bois 
Antoine Forqueray (1672 - 1745):
La Leclair

J. B. Drouard de Bousset (1662 – 1725):
Pourquoy doux Rossignol 



Download text & translations here

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