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Our Editions

The majority of our programmes feature music for which there are no modern editions; as such, we endeavor to make our performing editions available on the public domain.

These stay as true to the original sources as possible, refraining from the clutter of prescriptive figured-bass marks and realisations in order to preserve clarity and readability, and leave the performer room for interpretation.




Arias, Duets & Ensembles from the Operas of Francesco Cavalli






Featuring arias, duets and ensembles from the operas of Francesco Cavalli, edited and with translations by Oliver Doyle. This volume is heir to Le Arie di Cavalli e di Cesti (2015) and has been vastly expanded and professionalised.

Bound presentation copies (as pictured) can be purchased from our publisher, Thornhill Books, here.

From La Didone (1641)
Padre, ferma i passi
L'alma fiacca svani

L'Ormindo (1644)
Tu per me ben felice
Volate fuggite – D’Amor non si quereli

From Giasone (1649)
Delizie, e contenti

From La Rosinda (1651)
Vieni, vieni in questo seno

From La Calisto (1651)

Restino imbalsamate 

From Il Ciro (1654)
Mia vita, mio bene

From L’Erismena (1655)
Piante odorose 

From La Statira (1655)
Cresce il foco
Menfi, mia patria
Io vivo

From L’Artemisia (1657)
Ardo, sospiro e piango
Dammi morte 

From L’Elena (1659)
Ecco l’idolo mio
Mia Speranza

From Ercole Amante (1662)
Come si beff’ amore
Figlio, figlio

From Pompeo Magno (1666)
Coetaneo con gli’astri
Sonno, placido nume

From L’Eliogabalo (1667)
Misero così va
Pur ti stringo

This project was kindly supported by the Cavalli Charity, 
which seeks to advance learning and education in Early Music.


Orfeo Dolente
Domenico Belli (d. 1627)


Missa Super Scalam Aretinam
Francisco López Capillas
(1608 - 1674)


Drama in music divided into five intermedii, which separated the acts of a performance of Tasso's Aminta in Florence in 1616. Edited by Oliver Doyle and Jessica Eucker, with libretto in parallel Italian-English and several documents pertaining to Belli's life and music, translated by Oliver Doyle


A mass setting, presented to the authorities of Mexico City Cathedral in 1654, based on the hexachord and set, unusually for the time, in tempus perfectum.

For five voices SAATB


Air for three voices and continuo with Ritornelle from Lambert's Airs à une, II. III. et IV. parties avec la basse-continue, Paris,1689.

For three voices TTB, continuo and two treble instruments. 


Ghequetst Ben Ic Van Binnen
Ludovicus Episcopius (1520 - 1595)


Part song from the Nieuwe Duytsche Liederkens, Maastricht, 1554, to a text by an anonymous 14th Century Mystic. Prepared from part books preserved in the British Library, with reconstructed soprano parts. 

For eight voices SSAATTBB


Sans Murmurer
Michel Lambert (1610 - 1696)


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