About us

'Handsomely recommended'
Roderic Dunnett - The Church Times


'Courage well-rewarded'
Robert Hugill - Planet Hugill


'Long may Musica Antica continue to unearth these rare treasures and perform them with style and beauty.'
Owen Davies - Plays to See

Founded by Soprano Jessica Eucker and Harpsichordist Oliver Doyle in 2016, Musica Antica Rotherhithe brings varied programmes of Early Music to SE16. Since then, it has grown to involve a permanent ensemble of five professional singers and continuo, with associated artists joining to perform its hallmark repertoire of 17th Century Venetian opera, as well as music of the late Middle Ages, Renaissance and early 18th Century. 

Aiming to make Early Music accessible and exciting while programming some of the most rarely heard works of the Early Modern period, each concert forms a carefully-constructed drama, with tickets rarely costing more than £10, and editions of the music (often only available in manuscript form) made readily available for free.

If you have any questions for Oliver and Jess, or are interested in becoming involved in our work - either musically, by donating time to help spread the word, or helping to fund our concerts and staged works - please contact us at info@musicaantica.org.uk