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Tickets for this concert (£20/£10) are available from the Royal Museums Greenwich website.

Monteverdi & Lanier

Staged live at The Queen's House, Greenwich

‘King Charles had a very ingenious vertuoso, one Nicholas Laniere, whom he employed into Itally to buy capitall pictures … And after his returne, he composed a recitativo, which was a poem being the tragedy of Hero and Leander. The King was exceedingly pleased with this pathetick song and caused Lanier often to sing it, while he stood next with his hand upon his shoulder.’


So the biographer Roger North wrote of Nicholas Lanier, musician, art agent for Charles I, and resident of Greenwich. It is rare for such detailed accounts of musical performances to survive, and rarer still that we can identify a place in which a performance took place that has been spared the ravages of redevelopment and war. The Queen’s House is such a space, and this event will be the first time since the 17th Century that Lanier’s music has been performed there – possibly the only time since he performed there himself.

Lanier’s travels in Italy led him to try and instill something of
La Nuova Musica – the ‘new music’ being championed in Italy by the composers of the first operas – in his own work, leading to the creation of Hero's Complaint: the first recitative aria in the English Language. Musica Antica Rotherhithe will pair Lanier’s work with that the Italians who inspired him - one of whom he even met, Claudio Monteverdi – and instrumental music by his neighbour and brother-in-law, Alfonso Ferrabosco the Younger, in a beautiful programme of madrigals and songs accompanied by theorbo and viola da gamba.


Giulio Caccini                 Prologo e Scena I (from L’Euridice)

Alfonso Ferrabosco ll   Two corants

Jacopo Peri                     Lunge dal Vostro Lume

Claudio Monteverdi       Anima Mia, Perdona

                                           Laciatemi Morire (from L’Arianna)

                                           Rimante in pace

Nicholas Lanier              Though I am young

                                           Mark how the blushful morn

                                           Amoroso Pargoletto

                                           Shepherd, in Faith, I Cannot Stay

                                           Misera Pastorella

Alfonso Ferrabosco ll   Almain

Nicholas Lanier              Hero's Complaint to Leander

Domenico Belli               Non più lacrime
                                           (from La Morte d’Orfeo)

Musica Antica

Emily Atkinson soprano

Camilla Seale mezzo soprano

Tristram Cooke countertenor

Oliver Doyle tenor

Joachim Sabbat bass

Harry Buckoke viola da gamba

Jonatan Bougt theorbo

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