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Abandon'd Ariadne

Staged live at Holy Trinity Church, Rotherhithe, SE16 5HF

Musica Antica perform extracts from the earliest surviving operas - and the first recitative in Nicholas Lanier which they inspired - alongside a semi-staged performance of Monteverdi's Ballo dell'Ingrate

As ever, a bar selling wine, soft drinks and Holy Trinity's famous home-infused gins will be open from 7pm.

This concert will finish at 9:10pm.


Claudio Monteverdi: Orfeo, prologue

Giulio Caccini: Euridice, Act I scene i

Jacopo Peri: Euridice, scene ii

Domenico Belli: Orfeo Dolente, scene ii
Claudio Monteverdi: Arianna, Lamento d'Arianna 

Marco da Gagliano: La Dafne, scene iv

Luca Marenzio: Crudele, acerba, inesorabile morte

Nicholas Lanier: Hero's Complaint to Leander

Claudio Monteverdi: Il Ballo dell'Ingrate

Musica Antica

Emily Atkinson soprano
Camilla Seale mezzo soprano

Tristram Cooke countertenor
Oliver Doyle tenor
Joachim Sabbat bass

Andrew Taheny violin

Maxim del Mar violin

Sarah Small viola da gamba

Harry Buckoke viola da gamba

Jonatan Bougt theorbo

Peter Martin theorbo

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