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The majority of our programmes feature music for which there are no modern editions; as such, we endeavor to make our performing editions available on the public domain.

These stay as true to the original sources as possible, refraining from the clutter of prescriptive figured-bass marks and realisations in order to preserve clarity and readability, and leave the performer room for interpretation. 



Le Arie di Cavalli e di Cesti, Vol. I

Expanded edition available shortly




Featuring arias and duets from the operas of Francesco Cavalli and Antonio Cesti, based on autograph and copyist manuscripts preserved in the Biblioteca Marciana, Venice and Biblioteca del Conservatorio di Musica S. Pietro a Majella, Naples.


Francesco Cavalli (1602-1676):

Prologo (L’Ormindo)
Un Talamo Ed Un Letto (L'Ormindo)
L’Alma Fiacca Svani (La Didone)
Speranze Fuggite (Il Xerse)

Piante Odorose (L'Erismena)
Menfi, Mia Patria (La Statira)

Cresce Il Foco (La Statira)

Restino Imbalsamate (La Calisto)
Ardo, Sospiro e Piango (L’Artemisia)

Come Si Beff'Amore (L'Ercole Amante)

Figlio, Figlio, Tu Prigoniero (L'Ercole Amante)
Misero Cosi Va (L’Eliogabalo)

Antonio Cesti (bap. 1623-1669):

Alma Mia (L’Argia)
Intorno All’Idolo Mio (L’Orontea)
Che Mi Consigli Amor (Il Tito)

This project was kindly supported by the Cavalli Charity, 
which seeks to advance learning and education in Early Music.


Ghequetst Ben Ic Van Binnen
Ludovicus Episcopius (1520 - 1595)


Part song from the Nieuwe Duytsche Liederkens, Maastricht, 1554, to a text by an anonymous 14th Century Mystic. Prepared from part books preserved in the British Library, with reconstructed soprano parts. 

For eight voices SSAATTBB


Sans Murmurer
Michel Lambert (1610 - 1696)


Air for three voices and continuo with Ritornelle from Lambert's Airs à une, II. III. et IV. parties avec la basse-continue, Paris,1689.

For three voices TTB, continuo and two treble instruments. 


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